About The Brigade

Cape Clear is 37kms SW of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade services the areas of Cape Clear, Berringa, Staffordshire Reef, Piggoreet, Springdallah and Pitfield.

We currently have two fire tankers Cape Clear 1 and Cape Clear 2 ( Berringa).

Cape Clear is in the Central Fire District

The Brigade has around 80 volunteer members, 41 of whom are active in preventing and fighting fires. We not only fight fires in our own area but attend those of neighbouring Brigades and further afield. In previous years we have sent a tanker and crew on strike teams to the Lancefield fire, Ballyrogan, Scotsburn, Kinglake, Healesville, Grampians and more. We have two fire stations – the main one in Cape Clear and a satellite one next to the Community Hall in Berringa.

We have two quite distinct fire risk areas. The grassland areas around Cape Clear and the steep, rugged bushland around Berringa and Staffordshire Reef.

The New Brigade built Berringa Fire Station 2014

In our spare time we raise community awareness of bushfire and grassfire safety and fire season preparation. We provide support for community activities.

The bore at the Cape Clear Recreation Reserve. The original 100,00L tank plus the recently installed 58,000L dedicated fire fighting tank and the new standpipe.

A recent brigade project has been to install four tanks in strategic locations to give tankers a quick refill if there is a fire. The first has been installed in Staffordshire Reef on the corner of Staffordshire Reef and Grandmas Rds. The second is an additional tank behind the fire station in Berringa. Both have CFA 3tpi male fittings. This project uses brigade funds and is in response to the dry 2015/16 season which resulted in little readily available surface water in the brigade area.