Cape Clear RFB
Rural Property Address
Sign Project

Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade has just finished installation of the brigades trial of Rural Property Address Signs.

Where and why did these signs suddenly appear on our roads?

The brigade saw the need for an an address sign that was easy to be quickly seen in any conditions
eg: try finding an address on a fire truck at 2am when its raining or foggy

We all know it can be difficult to find an address in our area.

We arrived at a final design, with assistance of the Shire, which is robust, original and highly visible in all conditions.

As you can see these signs have a large property number and the road name on a high tech reflective background. The sign is double sided and positioned so it is reflected in the car headlights.

They are easy to see coming from either direction on the road, in low light with the low or high beams in misty, foggy and smoky conditions.

At night time they look like they glow in the dark.

You cant miss them - which is the main idea.

It is a basically about Community Safety.

The signs are a really simple idea that just works if done correctly.

We received a grant for a small trial installation of the signs with funding from Golden Plains Shire Community Strengthening Grant - Community Safety

Placement of the initial signs was I think you could say strategic - cover most of our roads with at least one, have some in a clump together, have some on the same road and on either side so you can see how the numbers run etc. Unfortunately not enough to go around for everyone.

We will analyse how well they work with feedback from the community

The reaction to the recent installation has been quick and very positive and we hope to expand the coverage. We would like your ongoing feedback, support and expressions of interest.

Our Project email:

This whole project would not have been possible without support from the Golden Plains Shire Council and staff.

Terry Kelly

Cape Clear RFB

December 2023