29 March
A fast moving grass fire was the result of a permitted burn by the landholder that got away.
Cape Clear Fire Brigade had prior notification that the burn was to take place.

The fire burnt about 40 acres of grass and was stopped by brigades as it got into a row of pines and threatened to take off again into the neighbour's paddock.

Thanks to the quick work of crews, helitack and locals in their private appliances, this event was mostly contained within the property where it originated. Cape Clear brigade members monitored the fire well into the early hours of the next morning and then for the next two days. Jess H

Wednesday 28 FEB - A TFB

Three fire calls
Car breakdown starts a grass and tree fire 150m from fire station - A close call

Second Fire call was to a hot and going bushfire in Dereel
Pic Jess herzberg


The brigade sent quite a few members away on strike teams to the massive Bayindeen - Rocky Rd bushfire north of Beaufort from 21 Feb onwards

On going spotting in our local area from this fire - this one in our paddock - 50kms away

Tuesday 13 Feb - A TFB

Mid Morning call to a Fire started by lightning strike - in the Woady below Glenfine

a fire at Newtown/Italian Gully. Going strong - spotted across Staffordshire Reef Rd into the forest. A large fire that burnt more than 500Ha of state forest and private property

Pics TK


NOV 2 Good turn up to the Bushfire Workshop in Berringa - thanks to Reinhard for the entertaining and informative workshop

The big wet of 2022 did definitely not continue into 2023. The grass
growth has rapidly dried off and as it warms up into Spring and Summer 2023/24 there is an increased risk of burn offs getting out of control and large grass fires this fire season in our area. The climate outlook for fire season 2023/24 is drier and warmer with lots of fuel.

Early spring was a good time to clear up fuel around your property. As we get closer to the introduction of fire restrictions it will be important to burn off carefully and you must not leave fires unattended. When fire restriction come in on 20 November 2023 it will be illegal to conduct a burn off.

11 October Large Bushfire in Donald Mcleans Rd, Cape Clear 2, Wednesday afternoon

Lots of trucks and bulldozers - CFA and FFMV did a great job stopping the spread through difficult terrain with significant spotting - Thanks to all those who came to assist. This was a lucky one in early October's mild weather. An early warning of the dryness in the bush. A couple of pics of the trucks on a bushtrack

Abandoned campfire at Happy Valley Crossing - put them out properly!

Fire in the Enfield Forest

Pics M Rowe

Rowsley Fire Pics

Pic M Rowe

Pics T Kelly

17 Feb
Grenville Group Strike Team to Rowsley Fire for night shift

Pics M Rowe

10 Feb Grassfire on roadside in Mannibadar

9 Feb Assist Rosewood Junction with a roadside burn

Pics T Kelly

26 Jan
Captain Michael Rowe received an Australian Fire Services Medal in the Australia Day Honour Awards. A massive congratulation to Michael for the well deserved recognition.

Local media has some great pics and articles
A great article and photo in the Golden Plains Times

A spectacular front cover of the Courier with a great article inside

CFA News Update from the CEO and CO

We congratulate our AFSM recipients for their leadership, commitment, energy and enthusiasm across their many years of service to CFA.

Michael Rowe, Cape Clear Fire Brigade

Many people across CFA and the wider emergency services have benefited from Michael Rowe's vision, diligence and commitment to community safety and inclusion across his 41-year volunteer career.

Michael's passion, advocacy and knowledge – for preventative burning in particular – has inspired many. In 2015 he released a book in called The Art of Roadside Burning, a roadside burning manual to support brigades to undertake controlled roadside burning safely and productively.

Michael is also strong supporter and advocate for gender equality. In 2018 he introduced women-only burn days to encourage more women to get involved in and experienced in roadside burning. This unique event has drawn widespread acclaim, with ongoing benefits to the hundreds of participants."

Cape Clear also congratulates other the recipients

From CFA News

Five decorated CFA members have been named as this year?s Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) recipients, in recognition of their dedicated service to CFA and their communities.

The AFSM is the highest award for a member of an Australian fire service and as part of the Australia Day honours list, is awarded to a select group of outstanding fire service members each year.

The five members have more than 265 years of service for CFA between them, and the contributions they?ve made to the Victorian emergency services sector have been revered.

Many people across CFA and the wider emergency services have benefited from Michael Rowe?s vision, diligence and commitment to community safety and inclusion across his 42-year volunteer career.

The Cape Clear Fire Brigade captain has been awarded an Australian Fire Service Medal in the 2023 Australia Day Honours for his exemplary contribution to the emergency services and communities of Victoria.

In receiving the AFSM Michael said: "I'm extremely humbled and quite emotional. I have been in shock since I found out.

"I have to give full credit to the people around me as they have inspired me to always push for greater. Having good people around you makes a huge difference,? he added.

Michael's career as a CFA volunteer started in 1981 when as a teenager he joined his father at Clunes Fire Brigade. He transferred to Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade in 1989, going on to hold several lieutenant positions before being elected captain in 2010, a position he holds to this day.

Michael's distinguished service is not just in fighting fires. His passion, advocacy and knowledge – for preventative burning in particular – inspires many, as does his steadfastness for seeing CFA?s women volunteer cohort grow and succeed.

By using and sharing his knowledge of controlled burning Michael has created a change in mindsets within brigades and across CFA.

Cape Clear Fire Brigade has a history of burning the roadsides in its area for community fire prevention and protection. With one road stretching from one side of the district to the other, this used to be a time-consuming and labour-intensive job.

However, Michael developed a system of burning both sides of the road simultaneously, resulting in a quicker burn that was not only safer for crews and traffic, but better for the environment and communities with less smoke put into the atmosphere. Michael?s system was refined with each burn, and soon surrounding brigades joined in.

On the back of this success, Michael released a book in 2015 called The Art of Roadside Burning. This roadside burning manual includes strategies and techniques to support brigades across the state to undertake controlled roadside burning safely and productively. Through the book Michael shared his knowledge and experience from his many years of preventative burning with the goal to reengage and train CFA members in roadside burning – a once-widespread practice that had decreased or disappeared in many parts of the country.

Michael is a strong supporter and advocate for gender equality in CFA and was one of the first captains to initiate women-only training camps. In 2018 Michael introduced women-only burn days to encourage more women to get involved in and experienced in roadside burning. The burn days also provided a space for women to learn, share and develop their firefighting skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

This unique event has drawn widespread acclaim, with ongoing benefits to the hundreds of participants. Since its inception, the Cape Clear Women's Burn Day has grown from a one-day event to a full weekend program of skills maintenance and roadside burning. Held twice a year, hundreds of women from across the state attend each event, eager to increase their expertise, knowledge and confidence in a fun and safe environment.

There are many highlights across his volunteer career, however Michael speaks with pride when reflecting on the success of the burn days.

Visionary at the time, the women-only burn days have now been adopted statewide using the model developed by Michael and Cape Clear brigade. The initiative continues to have a profound impact on the engagement and recruitment of women into CFA, highlighting the importance of the program for brigade sustainability.

"It has been immensely rewarding both personally and professionally to see the success of the women's burn days,? Michael said.

"You can see the benefits almost instantly, with the confidence of participants growing before your eyes. Many will go from being unsure and hesitant to leading activity across the course of the day, and sometimes it?s not until you point it out to them that they realise just how much they have achieved.?

One of the key benefits, Michael says, is the way participants feel empowered to take what they have learned back to their home brigade and share their new knowledge with others.

"Through participating in the burn days CFA's women members leave with increased confidence in their skills as well as a network of people they can contact for support regardless of which brigade they are from,? he said.

"The knowledge they gain is paid forward – that is extremely powerful.?

Michael is also a strong supporter of the District 15 Women's Reference Group and has been nominated by the group as one of only two Champions of Change.

A passionate and inspiring leader who garners the best from his people, Michael is committed to protecting his crews and community. Whether on the fireground or at a roadside burn, the safety and wellbeing of his members is front of mind.

During the 2019-20 fires in NSW, understanding that crews were going to face a challenging firefight, Michael encouraged members to take the time the night prior to deployment to speak to their families and loved ones. He reportedly said: "?talk to your loved ones because tomorrow is going to be tough and you won?t have time to think about anything else, but we will all get out alive?. And they did.

Michael?s nominator writes: "Great leadership not only saves lives; it absolutely inspires people to go one step further than their best

14 Jan
Abandoned camp fire

Happy Valley crossing

13 Jan Large stubble fire at Illabarook
Quickly contained by local brigades. Area 27ha.
Three Cape trucks attended including the new one.
A reminder of why we need to burn strategic roadsides.

Pics M Rowe

Pic M Rowe

Pic T Kelly

Pic W Rigg

New Truck
Cape Clear is getting a newer replacement fire truck for our ageing tanker. You may see it out and about. It is housed in the Cape Clear station.

Brigade members had a good look over the truck with special thanks to Tony and Buster

Pics T Kelly

Electric Vehicle
Brigade members were able to assist two tourists visiting Cape Clear for the first time. Their electric car needed a bit of a boost to get it to Daylesford. We didn't have a quick charger but were able to give the car a top up to get to Ballarat.

Pics T Kelly