Burning Off

People will be keen to do some cleaning up, burning off vegetation and rubbish before the next fire season.
If it is outside the fire restriction period you don't need a permit to do your burning off, but you do need to be careful.

A Checklist for Burning Off
Have you done this before? Do you have the experience and skill to judge if your burn off is going to be safe. Do you need help? There is no rush - Be cautious.

What is the local weather forecast. Strong winds are the biggest danger factor.
Think of your neighbours - where is the smoke going? Keep smoke off busy roads.
Do you have a clear area around your burn?

Do you have a contingency plan - What will you do if your burn gets away? Do you have a sufficient water supply for fire fighting? Think ahead.

If unsure perhaps you could ask your local brigade for advice.

A heap of drying material stacked during the dry part of the year will burn quite readily during winter. A heap made predominately of eucalypt material (green or dry) will burn really well in winter. Have a bonfire cooked meal in the coldest part of the year.

Winter is a good time to Burn Off.

Have you notified the Bushfire Burn Off Line - this may save a 000 fire call to the brigade. This will put your burn in the CFA dispatch system.
Burn Off Notification: 1800 668 511

Have you notified your neighbours?