Cape Clear Bore

Constructed in late 2011 the bore and 100,000L tank at the Cape Clear Recreation Reserve has become an essential piece of infrastructure for the local community in this long dry summer. Increasing use of the water from the bore has meant some restrictions have had to be put in place to ensure there is enough water for community protection in case of fire. Below a letter from the hall committee to the community.

FROM: Cape Clear Recreation Hall Committee of Management.

TO: The Cape Clear Community at Large.

SUBJECT: Water Usage.

The demand on the Bore Tank at the recreation hall has increased to such a level that the tank has been found to be empty a number of times. This has necessitated a review of the management of this valuable resource and, in keeping with its original intention because we have no town water, it was to provide the Cape Clear community with a reliable water supply for fire protection in times of need.

It has been decided that we should aim to maintain a minimum reserve of 30% capacity for community protection during the Fire Season.

Also on evenings preceeding, and on TOTAL FIRE BAN days it is requested that ONLY Fire Fighting Vehicles should take water from the tank.

As the bore has a recovery time in excess of 12 hours it is desirable that the tank is allowed to fill early before a TFB may turn into an emergency.

Consequences: As we are isolated from the nearest continuous water supply by a minimum of 15Km distance and to lose the bore in times of emergency could have dire consequences on the whole community.

We thank you for your continuing understanding in this matter.

Craig Cook

Hon Sec for Hall Committee of Management