Brigade Activity

Monday April 2 Grass fire in Racecourse Rd Cape Clear. Cape Clear, Linton, Rokewood Junction, Smythesdale and some private appliances attended. A good quick save after getting into a stubble paddock.

Easter Sunday April 1 Cape Clear assisted with a dog rescue from a mine shaft in Pitfield. Lismore SES, Ballarat Rescue, Ballarat City Rope Rescue and RDO District 15 also attended. The dog had been chasing a fox and fell 20 metres down a mine shaft in Pitfield about 11am. The dog "Ava" was known to be alive. Very careful attention had to be made to safety in this old shaft. Lowering a rescuer vertically down the shaft with a harness to secure Ava was deemed the best plan. Ava was successfully rescued - fit and well much to the owners relief. A great example of teamwork and from all and an example of the skill and training of the rescuers in a difficult situation.

Saturday 17 March Ladies Burn Day The bad fire weather kept some of our long distance participants at home but a few closer members made it to Cape Clear. A good time was had by all. A learning experience which covered the theory, looked at past burns on site and had a go at putting down a wet break.

Sunday 18 Feb Roadside burn of Pitfield Cressy Rd from the Rokewood Skipton Rd to Gilletts Rd

Sunday 4 February Roadside Burning - successful burns in the center of Cape Clear and both sides of Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa. A great result - community firebreaks.

Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa

The Burning Gang. Lunch. Cape Clear with visitors from D15 HQ OM Brett Boatman, Gavin and the crew from Linton and from across the water Keith from French Island.

Tuesday 30 Jan Grassfire in Werneth - both Cape Clear tankers attended.

22 January Afternoon - Bushfire in Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa
The roadside burning on Racecourse Rd was completed by lunchtime. The crews had gone to the fire station for a BBQ lunch. It was warming up so we decided not to continue burning after lunch. The visiting burn crews were heading home when a fire call went out for a bushfire in Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa. The speedy response of these tankers had a big impact on the spread of the fire. The fire was in bushland heading up a hill. It was a good save by all who attended.

Large spot fire that nearly got away

22 January
Morning - Roadside Burning Starts. The brigade successfully burnt one side of Racecourse Rd, from the Scarsdale - Pitfield Rd, Springdallah to Ryans Rd, Cape Clear. Thanks to the Rokewood Junction, Linton brigades and local appliances for their support. A job well done. This roadside burn is part of our township protection plan. Some years ago it successfully stopped the head of a running grass fire that started in Exchequer Rd.

Cape Clear Static Fire Fighting Water Program
The new tanks have now been stencilled to make them easy to identify

January 2018 It's Holiday Season Brigade members spend quite a lot of time keeping an eye on campers and holiday makers with "campfires". After having been to quite a few fires that are escaped or abandoned campfires it pays to keep alert. Campers need to stick to the requirements for campfires during the fire restriction period (the information is contained in the "Can I Cant I" brochure which is available on the CFA website). Jan 2018 pics

13 January 2018 Cape Clear Community Grassfire Scenario. A big turnout this year. Starting with a sausage sizzle. Then
a great new role playing program with three scenarios - presented by Chris Carey. The feedback from old and new community members who attended was extremely positive. Everyone learnt something.

17 December 2017 The sad loss of a house in Cape Clear. A big turnout of appliances to the house fire. Lots of crews worked hard to save what they could of the house.

13 December 2017
A significant fire in the bush at the back of Newtown. Both tankers and the Ultralight attended. Relief crew stayed for a time overnight and next day. The two helicopters made many water dumps and made a big difference to the fire fight. A reminder of the fire danger in the bush with most of summer still to come.

12 December 2017 Start of the fire season with a grassfire at Corindap

We have recently had two training sessions with significant member turnouts to update our skills on the Entrapment Drill and Tree Hazard Awareness as required by the CFA.

Tanker Name Changes
The Berringa Tanker is now called Cape Clear Tanker 2 and the Cape Clear Tanker is Cape Clear Tanker 1

Cape Clear Fire Brigade Water Tanks
Last week saw the installation of a FARSS 58,00litre tank on the Staffordfshire Reef triangle (cnr Grandma Rd and Staffordfshire Reef Rd) this adds to the 22,000litre brigade tank placed there earlier.
The last two 22,00litre tanks for the Cape Clear Static Fire Fighting Water Program have now been installed (Four 22,00litre tanks - 100% brigade funded). They were installed in Cressy Rd and Piggoreet Rd. This adds to the tanks already placed on the Staffordshire Reef triangle and at the Berringa Fire Station.
This places tanks roughly equally spaced, at strategic locations, within our area.

A quick source of fire fighting water. All tanks have a 3tpi male CFA fitting.

Wednesday 16 August

A car accident at 3.02pm in Berringa Rd, Berringa. A great turnout of appliances and members in their cars.

In the evening a small group of members visit to Vicfire (ESTA). Vicfire handles all 000 fire calls and dispatches CFA brigades and appliances including air support in Victoria.

It was a great night. We deal with Vicfire through the simple interface of the fire radio but behind the scenes there is a great deal of complexity, sophistication and skill in the system. A great insight into how an event happens from 000 call to despatch and Wordbacks. We learnt that we should give more regular sitreps if a we have a serious or escalating incident as the story that comes over the radio is their main source of information.

Tuesday 25 July Brigade AGM Cape Clear Rec Reserve 7.30pm

Saturday 10 June Working bee at the Cape Clear Rec. Reserve 9.30am start BBQ lunch. Cleaning up and removing fuel from our Neighbourhood Safer Place

Sunday 14 May The three Cape Clear appliances attended a serious two car accident in Mannibadar.

Sunday 9 April Watching the rain - 25mm so far. The brigade has had a very busy late March and early April. Once stubble burning permits were issued we were looking for the right weather to burn - there were plenty of blue sky days, little rain and plenty of heat (average max temperature in March was 28.7C). The last few weeks have seen plenty of stubble burning activity by the brigade culminating in three big days last week. Thanks to all who assisted so far from our team and the Linton crews who came to assist. It is a great opportunity for new brigade members to get a bit of hands on control of fire.

Slow Net Yacht Race BBQ at Cape Clear Rec Reserve

Saturday 4 March Avalon Airshow Fire fighting Large Air Tankers on show

Avro RJ85

C130 Hercules

Thursday 16 Feb. The brigade has successfully burnt the roadsides on Derwent Jacks Rd, Racecourse Rd, Ryans Rd and Cressy Rd. Ryans Rd was burnt between the the two halves of the pine plantation. This has been burnt for the first time in many decades in collaboration with Hancock Victorian Plantations. A really great fire break and in the future an annual event. All the participants had a great lunch provided by Brenda and the catering crew.

After lunch, feeling a bit full, we headed off to Cressy Rd. With Rokewood Junction brigade and with many private appliances we were able to burn one side of the road down to Gilletts Rd - through Cape Clear and Rokewood Junction's brigade areas - about 9.5 kms.

Thanks to the crews from Linton, HVP, Rokewood Junction, the private appliances plus Cape Clear and Berringa. A great result.

Friday 27 January
The brigade has succesfully completed roadside burning on one side of both Derwent Jacks and Racecourse Rds with help from Linton and three local private tankers
. Thanks to all who assisted

Sunday 15 January 2017 The Big Burn. The roadside burn on the Rokewood Skipton Rd from Mount Misery Creek, Rokewood Junction to Rankin Rd, Mannibadar was successfully completed. Burning commenced just after 10am and finished at 5pm. About 40kms of roadsides were burnt. This was a brilliant days work by all who attended and it makes a fantastic fire break. There was a car fire caused by mechanical failure on the road during the burn just to make it more challenging - with the fire trucks nearby a speedy save was made.

We thank Grenville Group and CFA brigades who came with crews and tankers - Berringa, Buninyong, Cape Clear, Dereel, Grenville Group FCV, Grovedale, Haddon, Linton, Mannibadar, Rokewood Junction, Shelford, Smythesdale and Wallinduc. Plus two slip ons from Forest Fire Management who did a great job wetting posts, poles etc before burning the roadsides.

Where is Neil?

We also thank those who brought or lent their private tankers, slip ons, quad bike and side by sides to assist with the burn

We thank local business for their support

For some more pics
Buninyong Brigade Facebook page
A great story on the Ballarat Courier website
Ballarat Courier Cape Clear Burn Story, Pics and drone footage

Tuesday 10 January 2017 The brigade plans to burn around Cape Clear this evening from about 6pm (subject to weather conditions being OK) - Ryans Rd, Cemetery Rd, and Cape Clear Rokewood Rd

19 - 25 December Four fire calls. Two to burn off violations, two machinery plus long dry grass. All OK

Friday 16 December Grass areas in the Cape Clear Rec Reserve were burnt as part of Cape Clear Fire Brigades community protection plan. This will give protection to our Neighbourhood Safer Place.

November - December
Preparations for roadside burning

Council grader grading breaks on Racecourse Rd - 8 December

During Nov/December we have also undertaken clearance of some fallen trees that fell across the graded break area - mainly on Derwent Jacks Rd. This allowed the council graders to put neat graded breaks in for our roadside burning.

Clearing fallen pines on Derwent Jacks Rd - it was so beautifully green

Tuesday 29 November We have had two incidents in the last week to do with burning off. At this time of the year please notify the burn off line if you are planning a burn - it might save turning out the fire trucks.
Some brigade members have also attended a workshop on map reading, also a meeting to do with working with aerial appliances this fire season, issues to do with the leaking Cape Clear reservoir and brigade tank placement in the local area.

Tuesday 29 November Start of instalation of two tanks for fire fighting at Berringa and Staffordshire Reef

Saturday 19 November CFA Open Day at Cape Clear and Berringa Fire Stations, 10 am - 1pm, a sausage sizzle at Cape Clear and a great op shop (10 - 12) next to the station in Berringa - quite a few visitors

Thursday 17 November FREE Bushfire Planning Workshop, 7.00 - 9.00pm Berringa Community Hall, School Rd, Berringa. Plan for bushfire step by step in a small group setting. FREE BBQ provided 6.30pm.

Wednesday 2 November Presentation of Chief Officer's Unit Citation for Courage by Craig Lapsley, Emergency Management Commissioner. The presentation of this citation to Don Coward, Jim McKay, John McNabb and Neil Shiells and CFA service awards was held at the Cape Clear Hotel. More info on the News page and pics in the Gallery

Sunday 23 October Grenville Group CFA Exercise in the Cape Clear Area - there will be multiple fire trucks around the neighbourhood on Sunday morning, especially around Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa

Sunday 9 October, The Great Wind, Multiple trees down over roads during wind storm (up to 98kms/hr in Cape Clear). Old Station Rd, Derwent Jacks Rd, Scarsdale Pitfield Rd, Old Pitfield Rd, Linton Piggoreet Rd, Piggoreet Rd, Racecourse Rd, Ryans Rd (the crossing) - basically everywhere, lots of private damage

Monday 3 October Woady Yaloak Crossing, Ryans Rd, Cape Clear closed again due to flooding

Sunday 2 October Trees down Old Station Rd Berringa

Wednesday 14 September Woady Yaloak Crossing, Ryans Rd, Cape Clear closed due to flooding for four days

Sunday 21 August Car accident Rokewood Skipton Rd

Monday 8 August Car Fire Staffordshire Reef 2.47am

Thursday 30 June Cape Clear Rural Fire Brigade dinner to celebrate the end of the fire season - 6.30pm at the Cape Clear Hotel.
A great night

Wednesday May 25
Call to a tree fire in the Cape pine planation - within the controlled burn area

Tuesday May 24 There will be a controlled burn in the Cape Clear Pine Plantation from 10am by Hancock Victorian Plantations

Friday May 20 The brigade will be doing some windrow burning at the Cape Clear Primary School plantation which was logged last year. The plantation is on the corner of Toorak Rd and Berringa Rd, Berringa. The burning of these heaps may continue for some time depending on the weather. There may also be some smoke in the area from the burns.

Friday May 6 Definitely the last stubble burn of the season successfully completed.

Thursday May 5
The windy weather has continued to cause ongoing issues with burn offs. At lunchtime the Cape tanker attended a stubble burn in Mannibadar that got away threatening a house. Callout number 40 for this season.

Wednesday 27 April 2016 Cape Clear tanker crew cut up and removed a pine tree that had fallen across Old Station Rd. Cape Clear.

Tuesday 26 April A burn off that was not under control that set fire to two large trees needing brigade assistance to put out. There have been a large number of fire call outs this April originating from burn offs. Have a look at our Burning Off page for a few ideas on doing it safely. Burning Off

Friday 22 April
The brigade is providing the catering (sausage sizzle, tea coffee, drinks etc) for Hucker's clearing sale in Cape Clear

Thursday 21 April Two fire calls just after 2.00am Berringa paged to assist at a grass fire in Ross Creek and the Cape Clear tanker went to a house fire in Linton. Busy night.
Also of note in the middle of the night was the serious accident in Ross Creek between a specialist Sebastopol appliance on its way to the Linton fire and a private vehicle.

Wednesday 20 April We are having a very warm autumn. People are really keen to do some burning off before winter. No permit needed but you need to be careful. There have been multiple burn offs that have got away this week in neighbouring areas.
For some helpful info on Burning Off visit our page Burning Off

A burn off out of control in Springdallah. Cape and Berringa attended and put out a burn of gorse that got away.

Monday 4 April We have finished the major part of our stubble burning program

Sunday 27 March A rubbish burnoff that got away in Berringa. Five acres approx. burnt and just saved from getting into the bush. Cape Clear, Berringa, Rokewood Junction and Dereel tankers attended.
The fire restrictions are still in place and it is illegal to have a burn off without a permit. We are now required to call the police to illegal burns. Police were notified and attended the scene. A number of people in the wider area have been charged with having a fire lit in the open during the fire restriction period.

Wednesday 16 March There may be a smoke in the area today as the season for stubble burning starts.

Friday 4 March A grass fire on the Ballarat Colac rd at Dereel was attended by both Cape Clear and Berringa.

A reminder that Ride on mowers, long dry grass and hot weather in summer is a risk.

Tuesday 1st March First day of Autumn. Seven day forecast for Ballarat has every day above 30C and with no rain.

Saturday 27 Feb A bit more roadside burning - completing Racecourse Rd and part of Cressy Rd plus Ryans Rd from the township to the pines before lunch. Thanks to all who helped.

Thursday 25 Feb The Cape tanker went to Mt Bolton as part of a Grenville Group strike team to assist with blacking out. Great food I hear.

Tuesday 23 Feb A TFB saw crews for Cape Clear and Berringa standing by in the fire station from 11.30 am as the temperature climbed with the strong gusty northerly wind.
Fire response on a TFB is all about response time - the quicker you can get out of the fire station the quicker you can cut off a fire.
With a Total Fire ban or bad fire weather day there is lots of planning and preparations that go on behind the scenes to make it all look like a well oiled machine. Thanks to all who were on standby and to those who helped organise.
More than 50 appliances went to the fire at Mt Bolton. We were lucky there were no fires in out area.

Saturday 20 Feb A 7.45pm call to a fire on the side of the Rokewood Skipton rd saw half a dozen trucks put out a fire that burnt 400m of roadside reserve between the bitumen and the graded break. Cape and Berringa attended.

Thursday 18 Feb 7pm A fire call to a burn off in Rokewood Junction. Cape Clear and Berringa attended. It was a reminder that it is illegal to burn off in the Fire Danger Period without a permit. Even if you do have a permit it is important to obey the conditions on the permit, failure to do so invalidates the permit.

Saturday 13 Feb Just after lunch a fire call for a fire in Tippetts Rd Dereel. Cape Clear and Berringa attended, spending the next seven hours at the fire. It was in grassland and bush. At one stage there were 50 appliances on the scene.

Wednesday 10 Feb Planned roadside burning on the Cape Clear Rokewood Rd and Cressy Rd . The start of the burn was planned for ignition at 9.30.

A fire call to smoke in the Cape Clear Hotel at 8.30 made an slightly earlier rushed start to the day. All relieved to see the hotel was not on fire. The smokey haze inside slowly dissipated. The source was eventually located to much everyone's relief. Thanks to all at Cape, Berringa, Linton, Smythesdale and Ballarat City (who brought out the thermal imaging camera) who attended.

The roadside burns started at 11.30, finished at 4.00pm and were all completed successfully. A great BBQ lunch was provided by chef Darryl. Thanks to all who helped both on and off the trucks and special thanks to Linton 2 and crew who came to assist.

Just when you thought you could relax a fire call at 7.18pm to Pitfield Bridge Streamside Reserve. A fire in the rushes on the side of the creek moving up the hill. A quick response by a private truck, Cape Clear, Berringa, Mannibadar and Wallinduc stopped the fire before it could get into rugged inaccessible country.

Sunday 31 January 3.12am a car accident and fire on Old Station Rd Berringa.

It was proposed to burn some roadsides in Cape Clear from 9.30am. The second sides of Racecourse Rd and Cressy Rd and Cape Clear Rokewood Rd.

Cancelled due to rain (15mm) . Hope to do it later in the week

Monday 25 January There is lot of smoke, haze and smell of bushfire in the air tonight coming from the bushfires in Tasmania

Thursday 21 January The Brigade did some roadside burning along Derwent Jacks Rd (both sides ) and Racecourse Rd (one side) . We successfully burnt 8.5kms of roadsides. These now become excellent fire breaks for the community. Thanks to our brigade members who took part and special thanks to the Linton members who came over to assist. A great learning experience for all on the use and control of fire.

Friday 15th January Cape Clear and Berringa tankers attended a fire in Dereel. Initially reported as a smoke sitting in Misery Creek Rd but was actually in difficult to access country on Paynes Bridge Rd, Dereel. This was part of the area burnt in the large Dereel fire. Plenty of air and DEWLP support. Contained quickly.

The Main Attraction

Everyone took lots of pics

Friday 8th January
A bit of relief from the heat this week with a plus 30C temperatures forecast for most of next week. We had planned to do some roadside burning this weekend. Planning to get the last of our major firebreaks in place. No permission to burn.

Saturday 2nd January 2016 An emergency page Saturday evening had Cape and Berringa tankers responding to a grass fire in Happy Valley. Paddocks were burnt, shed destroyed and house damaged - nobody hurt - a good save by the appliances on scene

Boxing Day 26th December
Rain overnight (16mm) made the morning a joy. Disappointment as the power went off for 13hours.

Friday 25th December 2015 Christmas Day. A shocker of a fire weather day . Total Fire Ban, 36C and strong northerly winds. No fires for us but others on the coast not so lucky. Thanks to those who volunteered for duty.

Saturday 19th , Sunday 20th, Monday 21st and Thursday 24th December the Cape Clear tanker was at the Scotsburn fire as part of the Grenville Group Strike Team. It was a long and difficult fire fight and we thank the members who crewed the Cape truck and command car.

Scotsburn fire from the Berringa Fire Station

Friday 18th , Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December were Days of Total Fire Ban and very high or severe fire weather. What this means for the Brigade is we organise crews for all appliances. You may see the Berringa and Cape Clear Fire Station doors are open on these days - everything is in readiness for a quick fire turnout. During the dangerous part of the day there will be crews on standby there ready to go. We thank all who give up their time willingly, their families and members of the community who support the brigade on these days.

Sunday December 13th was the new planned burn day for the Pitfield Cressy Rd and the Rokewood Skipton Rd. There will be smoke visible and a road closure on the Cressy Rd while burning is underway and traffic management on the Rokewood Skipton Rd
A substantial length of the Rokewood Skipton and the Pitfield Cressy roads was burnt making a great fire break. The remainder of the roads in our community protection/roadside burning program will commence when the weather is suitable after Christmas.