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Women's Burn Days 27th and 28th 2021
Full Details on the Women's Burn Day pages

2021 International Women's Day Event,
14 March Ballarat
Michael gave a well received talk at this event, zoomed all around the country

Community protection roadside burning around Rokewood Junction on Saturday 27 February.

Historical Brigade Activity

Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Community Protection Roadside Burning
Successful burns on Racecourse Rd, and Cressy Rd with Linton and Rokewood Junction

Black Kites love a burn

pics from Jess

21 January 2020

It has been a busy period for the brigade

Cape Clear has sent brigade members away to strike teams working on the NSW and Victorian fires - 13 brigade members for 5 day deployments - 65 fire fighter days. Including Michael went as strike team leader more than once

Sarah delivered a great bushfire workshop with a number of new residents getting the opportunity to explore the scenarios and talk to local brigade members.

15 Jan. Grass and Stubble fire in Carngham. Three large fires started by lightning in Brewster and Carngham with lots of trucks.

14 Jan. Grassfire Dereel

2 Jan. 2020 Grassfire Lismore

31 Dec. Grassfire Dereel

30 Dec. Bushfire in Staffordshire Reef on a TFB - a good quick stop before the wind got up

21 Dec. Man trapped in car after driving off the end of the Lismore Scarsdale Rd and ending up into the Woady Yaloak river at the bottom of the hill. Great example of various emergency services and rescue teams working together.

18 Dec. 2019 The most important job of the year - delivering santa to the Cape Clear School concert

Community Protection

Roadside Burning Commences around Cape Clear
Saturday 7 December and Sunday 8 December
There will be some short term road closures during a burn , plus smoke and multiple fire tankers on the roads.

Thursday 5 December 7.00 - 9pm,
Berringa Public Hall,
20 Berringa Rd, Berringa

Bushfire Scenario Workshop
Are You Prepared?
Free BBQ provided from 6.30pm

Sunday 13 October 2.00pm Entrapment Drill compulsory training at Cape Clear fire station (It is compulsory for all members to complete this training, before the fire season)

Sunday October 20 Grenville Group Annual Exercise

While preparing for the coming fire season the article below makes interesting reading

An earlier small selection of the Brigades activities

Once upon a time winter was quiet for the brigade. It is still not the busy season but there have been numerous recent call outs to burn offs that have been called in to 000 as fires and therefore the local brigades being paged to attend. The last four call outs have been exactly this.

Just a reminder to please register your burn off , no matter how small just in case it gets called in to 000 as a fire.
Register your Burn 1800 668 511

There is now a stand alone page for the Women's Burn Days - here with UPDATES and the movie

Saturday 30 March and Sunday 31 March 2019
A really big weekend - Women's Burn Days - Two massive days in Cape Clear on roadside burning for visitors from all across the state. A total of 72 Women from 32 brigades attended the two burn days

Day One
Meet and greet from 9am at the Cape Clear Recreation Reserve - with a cooked brunch and friendly faces. It was a good start. Michael had everyone's attention as he told the history of our brigade's burning of the roadsides for community protection. The creation of long firebreaks in the grasslands and the preservation of the native grassland species. How you do this safely is the key and the knowledge of how to do it was being shared with all participants this weekend.

Day One Crew

We had a bit of a change at 10.35am with a Code One fire call to a fire in a paddock in Springdallah. Michael had had a show of hands to see who had never been to a fire and made sure they were mixed with the crews that went to the fire. The fire report will make interesting reading with a page of names from brigades all over the state..

Back to Cape for a brilliant lunch followed by a bit of practical on the oval on the basics of roadside burning - 101 on "How to do Wet Break" - everyone had a go. Unfortunately we could not arrange good burning weather, but everyone had a good time on the oval.

Lots and Lots of smiles

All with heaps of support from our brigade members

More on the Women's Burn Day page

Sunday 10 March Grassfire in Cape Clear Berringa A quick turnout on a Sunday morning More than ten trucks attended. We were lucky the weather was mild and it was not windy. Very dry grass and stubble - when it was contained it rained. Area burnt about 20 Ha. Big thanks to all the local brigades who attended

Saturday 9 March
Call to a bonfire in Berringa during the fire danger period. Autumn may be here but burning off is illegal as the fire restrictions are still in force in the Golden Plains Shire - know your local fire restrictions.

Friday 8 March
A grass and scrub fire at Scarsdale. A large turnout of trucks halted the fire before it got into thicker bushland and nearer to houses. The two fires this week highlight the underlying extreme dryness in both the bush and grasslands. The dryness and high fire danger looks like continuing well into autumn and much care is needed if you live in these areas.

Monday 4 March
A fire in the bush at Berringa. A mild day meant a slow rate of spread - which was lucky. Quickly contained with help form the local brigades.

Sunday 3 March 2019
Cape Clear tanker with Michael and Jeremy aboard head to Gippsland with a D15 strike team to assist at the Bunyip State Park bushfire.

Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25 February 2019
Assist with the CSIRO Research Burn at Wallinduc

additional pictures in the Gallery

Wednesday 20 February 2019
Successful roadside burn in Urches Rd, Wallinduc adjacent to CSIRO burn.
Local brigades, Group and HVP resouces helped made it a great safe burn.

Thursday 14 Feb, Friday 15 Feb and Tuesday 19 Feb 2019
Successfully completed roadside burns on local roads around Cape Clear and Pitfield - 12kms Thursday and 17kms Friday - Racecourse Rd, Derwent Jacks Rd, Cressy Rd, Illabarook Rd, Cemetery Rd and Ryans Rd

Sat 26 Jan 2019 CSIRO Research Burn - Wallinduc
Burn the the paddocks and fire breaks around the research burn plots

more pics in the Gallery

Thursday 10 Jan 2019
Lunchtime . Weather warm and sunny.
A page to a column of smoke in a private pine plantation in Happy Valley.
Access was restricted but crews were able to restrict the spread the fires with air support. A potentially significant fire on a bad day. Good save by all the firefighters.

The Last Fire of 2018
New Years Eve 2018, Blackmore Rd, Cape Clear
A grass fire started in a paddock. Shows how easy it is to start a fire in summer - dry grass and hot sunny days. A good quick save prevented it getting into long grass in neighbouring areas.

A Selection of Previous Activity Stories

Easter Sunday April 1 2018 Cape Clear assisted with a dog rescue from a mine shaft in Pitfield. Lismore SES, Ballarat Rescue, Ballarat City Rope Rescue and RDO District 15 also attended. The dog had been chasing a fox and fell 20 metres down a mine shaft in Pitfield about 11am. The dog "Ava" was known to be alive. Very careful attention had to be made to safety in this old shaft. Lowering a rescuer vertically down the shaft with a harness to secure Ava was deemed the best plan. Ava was successfully rescued - fit and well much to the owners relief. A great example of teamwork and from all and an example of the skill and training of the rescuers in a difficult situation.

Saturday 17 March Ladies Burn Day 2018 The bad fire weather (TFB) kept some of our long distance participants at home but a few closer members made it to Cape Clear. A good time was had by all. A learning experience which covered the theory, looked at past burns on site and had a go at putting down a wet break.

Sunday 18 Feb 2018 Roadside burn of Pitfield Cressy Rd from the Rokewood Skipton Rd to Gilletts Rd

Sunday 4 February Roadside Burning - successful burns in the center of Cape Clear and both sides of Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa. A great result - community firebreaks.

Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa

The Burning Gang. Lunch. Cape Clear with visitors from D15 HQ OM Brett Boatman, Gavin and the crew from Linton and from across the water Keith from French Island.

22 January Afternoon - Bushfire in Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa
The roadside burning on Racecourse Rd was completed by lunchtime. The crews had gone to the fire station for a BBQ lunch. It was warming up so we decided not to continue burning after lunch. The visiting burn crews were heading home when a fire call went out for a bushfire in Derwent Jacks Rd, Berringa. The speedy response of these tankers had a big impact on the spread of the fire. The fire was in bushland heading up a hill. It was a good save by all who attended.

Large spot fire that nearly got away

22 January
Morning - Roadside Burning Starts. The brigade successfully burnt one side of Racecourse Rd, from the Scarsdale - Pitfield Rd, Springdallah to Ryans Rd, Cape Clear. Thanks to the Rokewood Junction, Linton brigades and local appliances for their support. A job well done. This roadside burn is part of our township protection plan. Some years ago it successfully stopped the head of a running grass fire that started in Exchequer Rd.

Cape Clear Static Fire Fighting Water Program
The new tanks have now been stencilled to make them easy to identify

January 2018 It's Holiday Season Brigade members spend quite a lot of time keeping an eye on campers and holiday makers with "campfires". After having been to quite a few fires that are escaped or abandoned campfires it pays to keep alert. Campers need to stick to the requirements for campfires during the fire restriction period (the information is contained in the "Can I Cant I" brochure which is available on the CFA website). Jan 2018 pics

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